︎︎︎Imaginary Kid_Napping


Imaginary Kid_Napping, is a work that consists of simulating children’s revolving lamps on one of the playgrounds of the Municipal Park in the city of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. Occupying the attractions in the park with a simple mechanism created with tracing paper, lights, low speed engines, colored and transparent adhesive vinyl, it creates a dreamlike atmosphere in an environment where many images circulate. The images of the installation relate to children’s illustrations such as animals, plants, cars and dolls, and also bring images of violence and fear, such as guns and tanks. The work intends to speak critically about the changes in the universe of children’s dreams, and in replacing ordinary common images in the universe of children; the work alludes to a “childhood dream” which is increasingly permeated by consumer desires and fear. A second assembly was held in the State Public Library, at the invitation of the Eletronika Festival, covering a large glass corridor between two buildings at dawn, on one of the main squares of the city.

* Illustrations created with the collaboration of Carol Merlo and Luiza Ribeiro

Festival Eletronika - 2015